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Volunteering Options

Friends of the Library

Friends of the Espanola Public Library was formed in 1994 to assist the library with fundraising for an automation system.  The group continues to support the library in many ways: to fundraise for new furniture or collections, to assist with library programming, and to increase community awareness of library activities.

The Friends meet every third Wednesday of the month at 12:00 noon.

There are two membership levels: Full members attend meetings on a regular basis and participate in Friends events.  Supporting members do not attend meetings regularly, and may be able to participate in Friends events on a limited basis.

The library offers some benefits such as reduced fees, to both Full and Supporting members.

Ask at the Library for more details.

Library Volunteers

The library utilizes volunteers to expand or enrich the library’s services.  Volunteers assist paid staff, provide additional skills, and perform services which would not otherwise be provided.

The major service provided by volunteers is the Outreach Service, which involves the selection and delivery of books and other materials to shut-in or homebound users.  The library serves residents of the Rainbow Apartments, the Queensway residence, and some people still living at home, who are unable to come to the library.

Volunteers sign a volunteer agreement, and are provided with job descriptions.

The library offers some benefits such as reduced fees to volunteers.

Ask at the Library for more details.