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Facebook Disclaimer

This Facebook page was created to allow the Town of Espanola to reach a wider audience and post updates about events, etc. as they apply

Posts are open to the public and are held on a third party site, therefore the Town of Espanola has no control over who can see your information

The Town of Espanola welcomes any feedback or comments that you may have

However, comments will be removed if they are:

  1. Harmful, or prejudice to any group, individual, employee or elected official
  2. Personal attacks towards any group, individual, employee or elected official
  3. Contain profane or sexual content or language
  4. Promote illegal activity or violate the safety of the public
  5. Irrelevant or off-topic
  6. Attempt to sell or promote any commercial products or services
  7. Promoting any religious group; or are overtly religious in tone

Members of the public are welcome to contact the Town of Espanola directly if they would like to promote their public event via any other media channels the town employs (ex: LED sign)

Although we attempt to ensure that all information we post on our Facebook account is accurate and complete, we do not accept liability for its accuracy or completeness

Note: The Town of Espanola only monitors this account during regular business hours, Monday-Friday, 8:30-4:30

Logo & Publications

The Corporate Logo was created to aid in providing a visible identity or image when promoting the Town of Espanola.  The logo is used in various Town publications, and may also be used by employees in official written correspondences.


1. Members of the public may not make public appearances or publish any documents in which they appear to be representing the Town without prior consent from the Clerk Treasurer/Administrator.

2. Members of the public may not use the Corporation’s logo in any publications, without prior consent from a Department Manager or Clerk Treasurer/Administrator.

Publications may include:

a. Printed material (ex: newspapers, flyers, pamphlets)
b. Audio-Visual documents (ex: commercials)
c. Online communications (ex: websites, social media sites, emails)