Committed to Our Community

Cst MelisaRancourtThe Espanola Police Service has always been and remains Committed to our Community, and frequently reviews operating procedures to determine how we can best serve our citizens. Over the past several months some of you may have noticed an increased presence of police officers at the areas where our citizens most commonly gather, such as the recreation complex, mall and schools. Rest assured this is not because there are any problems or concerns, but because the Espanola Police Service has determined that the members of our community could be better served by having more officers on foot patrol, interacting with our citizens, and as such all officers are conducting increased foot patrols in these and other areas of town.

In addition, the Espanola Police Service recognizes the importance of having a positive relationship with the youth in our community and the impact that it can have, not only on the youth involved but the community as a whole. Constable Melisa Rancourt has taken on the responsibility of School Liaison Officer, and as a result has been spending extra time in the Espanola High School walking the halls and interacting with the students. Constable Rancourt has also made herself available for the duration of the lunch period at the school for the students who may have questions, concerns, are looking for career advice or perhaps would just like to chat. This initiative has already begun yielding some positive results, and breaking down some of the barriers that sometimes exist between the police and our youth.

mcHappyDayConstable Rancourt has also recently completed the Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.) Officer training program, which is an education program for elementary students. The aim of this program is to give kids the knowledge and confidence to make safe and responsible choices, be good citizens, and resist the pressures to become involved in drugs, alcohol, violence or other dangerous activity. The D.A.R.E. program is aimed at students in grades 5 and 6, but also has a separate education component directed at students in grade 7 and 8. The program also provides education for children in kindergarten through grade 4, covering topics such as “stranger danger”, traffic safety, and drugs and alcohol. Constable Rancourt is looking forward to implementing these programs and supporting kids in making good choices for their future.

The Espanola Police Service is also regularly involved in providing information sessions and/or presentations on topics of interest or concern to various community groups. If you would like to have an officer speak to your group, class, etc we encourage you to contact us and we would be pleased to assist you.

Please contact Sgt Edwards, or if he is unavailable, Constable Rancourt at (705) 869-3251 to schedule your session today!