Autism Registry

This online registry is voluntary and aimed at providing the Espanola Police with police access to critical information about a registered individual living with autism in the community in an emergency situation. The registry captures information such as a full description, routine, favourite attractions, communication and other special needs as well as emergency contact information. This information becomes part of our records management system and will assist with communications between the police and the registered individual.

This registry is accessible to police members only and is intended to assist the Espanola Police Service and those from other police services who have the same computer data base in providing quality services in an equitable and accessible manner to the Autism community.

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Once online registration is completed you will receive a confirmation e-mail with an "Occurrence Number". This occurrence number can be used for updates, renewals, calls for service, etc.. In order to maintain current records, such as physical description, it is recommended that each individual re-register during the month of their birthday. This may include submitting a new photograph.

This community based policing initiative recognizes the value of partnerships between other agencies, members of the public and the police with a focus on working collaboratively to create and sustain a registry for the benefit of those individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).