Giant Aquarium in Espanola

Espanola, Ontario/Oct 7, 2015

A squash court at the Espanola Regional Recreation Complex will be transformed into a giant aquarium to house a fibre arts coral reef community art project.

Over one hundred volunteers have contributed to the making of the fibre arts coral reef as part of the 4th Annual Pumpkin & Fibre Arts Festival.  Over the last six months knitters, crocheters, weavers, spinners and fibre artists from Ontario, the US & as far away as Kyrgyzstan  have been working on coral reef creations to include a five foot paper mache shark, giant crochet algae, brain coral, felted rocks and silk lace fish.

Jody Pilon, volunteer organizer of the fibre arts portion of the community festival “hooked” onto the coral reef project when she learned that fibre artists around the world were creating reef structures as one of the largest community engagement art projects in the world.  The project was originally initiated in 2005 by fibre artists Christine and Margaret Wertheim to bring awareness to the fragility of the coral reef ecosystems.  “Artists around the world are using their talents and skills to address global and environmental issues,” says Pilon.  “The Coral Reef ecosystems may be far from home, but we too share in the protection of our great lake ecosystems and in the health and management of our local and regional lakes, rivers and streams.  The creativity and inspiration generated by this community art project is truly a celebration of collaboration, community and social awareness.”

“We are excited to house the giant aquarium installation at The Espanola Regional Recreation Complex for the duration of the festival,” says Dianne Polden, Manager of Espanola Leisure Services, “our community festival will open with the unveiling of the Coral Reef Installation Project on Friday,  October 16th at 7:00pm.”

The Espanola Regional Recreation Complex is the festival hub for the pumpkin and fibre arts events.

For festival info visit
Cheryl Kennelly/Community & Economic Development  Officer
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