Community Mural to Commemorate Canada's 150th Year

Espanola, Ontario/July 7, 2015

Community Mural to Commemorate Canada’s 150th Year

Espanola has been accepted to join a cross-Canada Mural Mosaic initiative to celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary. 

The project is led by internationally recognized artist Lewis Lavoie and his Mural Mosaic Team based out of Sturgeon County, Alberta. Over a two-year span a mural involving all provinces and territories will be created to include over 80,000 paintings and 150 individual murals.

“There’s been interest in the creation of historical murals in our community for years,” says Cheryl Kennelly, Community & Economic Development Officer.  “This commemorative project is an opportunity to engage hundreds of volunteers in our community and realize the creation of a mural with the assistance of a professional team.” 

Each community mural is made up of 400-750, 4 x 4 inch tiles which will be painted by community volunteers of all ages, stages and skill levels under the mentorship of the Canada 150 Mosaic Team.  The result will be a unified community mural 8' x 8' (approx) in size.  

“This is an exciting project for our community,” says Mayor Piche, “a chance for residents to come together to create this mural showcasing Espanola’s rich heritage is really something,  opportunities like this don’t happen every day and I look forward to seeing the end result.”  

The Mosaic team will be visiting the selected communities to create uniquely representational murals. Each individual mural will represent a train car, which inevitably will join the other murals virtually to form a gigantic train representing the founding unification of Canada.

A project date and location for the community mosaic mural will be announced following a consultation with the 150 Mural Mosaic Team.

For info contact: 
Cheryl Kennelly/Community & Economic Development
705-869-1961 ext 2212 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.