Partnership & Programming Packs a Punch for Kids!

Espanola, Ontario / Nov 27, 2014

Partnership & Programming Packs a Punch for Kids!

Shelley Wikiruk, Learning Resource Teacher at Sacred Heart Catholic School arrived at her exercise class at the Espanola Recreation Complex to be greeted by a replacement trainer with a professional background in boxing.  Justin Ceskauskas, the Assistant Coach of the Top Glove Boxing Academy proceeded to put Shelley and her class through a series of boxing drills and Shelley was hooked!  Shelley identified the program as a good match for her students.  A proposed partnership to offer Box-Fit Kids to Shelley’s class was embraced by Justin and the Espanola Leisure Services Department.

"There is a growing need for students to be active to promote their mental, physical and academic well being,” says Shelley  “the opportunity to learn new skills in a non-threatening environment is paramount to their success and willingness to try something new.”

Justin Ceskauskas, a former international amateur boxer says the program is designed to help promote physical activity, along with instilling confidence and self discipline. “Boxing is a great sport for kids,” says Justin, “so much of the skills that you learn like focus and self control, you use in everyday life.”  Twelve students ranging from grade 6 to 8 are participating in the 6 week program at the Espanola Recreation Complex.

“We are thrilled to see the enthusiasm expressed by students for this program and to hear them sharing how much they enjoyed this activity with their peers” says Shelley.  “Our goal is to continue finding new ways to offer students unique opportunities to encourage success in all areas of their lives."

For more information contact Shelley Wikiruk at (705)869-4070