Foodland Ontario Partnership

Espanola, Ontario
May 26, 2014

Pumpkin Seeds & Partnerships Growing in Espanola!

Pumpkin seeds and partnerships are growing in preparation of Espanola’s 3rd Annual Pumpkin & Fibre Arts Festival.  Foodland Ontario has come on board as a festival partner for this years’ event. 


“Foodland Ontario is a good partnership fit for our festival,” says Cheryl Kennelly, Town of Espanola Community & Economic Development Officer, “Foodland Ontario’s participation will fortify our pumpkin & ‘Eat Local’ events with support materials and $1500 in funding to produce a pumpkin trail map with site identifiers to help guide visitors to the many event locations.” 

In April, 2500 giant pumpkin seeds were sourced from giant pumpkin growers in Ontario and sent out to Espanola homeowners to launch the pumpkin planning & planting of the festival.  “Seeds and partnerships are growing our festival!” says Kennelly, “With over 50% audience growth in just one year, the support of our partners; Foodland Ontario, The Ontario Arts Council & Eastlink, and local business and community sector engagement, this festival has the potential to become a solid attraction adding significant cultural and economic value to our community & region.”

The 3rd Annual Pumpkin & Fibre Arts Festival is slated for the October 17-19th weekend.

For more information contact:
Cheryl Kennelly
705-869-1961 ex. 2212
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