Decision received on FOI Appeal


May 26, 2014

Freedom of Information Requests Granted

It has been almost a year since requests for the Town’s February through May 2013 cheque registers and credit card information were first made.  Similar information had been provided for several months prior to this through similar requests.  The Town’s Freedom of Information Coordinator denied these requests under the “frivolous and vexatious” exemption under the Act.


The Information and Privacy Commissioner while agreeing with the Town that these “requests are part of a pattern of conduct that interferes with the operations of the town” as well that “the appellant and her group’s requests may result in harassment of the town’s staff because of the manner in which the readers of the group’s website respond to the information published by the group,” has determined that the requirements for the “frivolous and vexatious” claim were not met.

The Town maintains that providing this information is not the issue, this issue is how this information is being selectively reproduced in an effort to manipulate town residents to believe that there is some wrongdoing by elected officials and town staff, which simply is not true.

The adjudicator further states that “If the appellant and her group want to benefit the town and its residents, then they should disseminate, and respond to, the information they receive from the town in a fulsome manner that encourages an environment of transparency and accountability, not in a selective manner that is distrustful and causes needless waste of town resources responding to queries about incomplete or inaccurate information.”

Download the full decision here.  Information and Privacy Commissioner Decision - FOI Appeal (pdf)

Cynthia Townsend, CPA, CA, CMA
Freedom of Information and Privacy Coordinator