Espanola Represented by Active Warriors

Tuesday, 23 July 2013
Espanola, Ontario

Espanola was well represented by dozens of active warriors who were prepared to climb hills, scale walls and slop through mud at the annual Warrior Dash held in Horseshoe Valley this past weekend. 

Approximately 10,000 people participated in the 5 kilometer obstacle race to raise money for Sick Kids Hospital.  Lyn Morin of Espanola placed 8th and Brent Van Norman placed 2nd in the category of age 60 and over.  The youngest Warrior was seventeen-year-old Avery Morin who participated in the race with her family.  Eight members of the Fat 2 Fit class which is held at the Espanola Regional Recreation Complex, were first time participants of the dash.  "I never dreamed I could participate and succeed in such a physically challenging course," says Onalee Bint of Fat 2 Fit, "but our trainers prepared us for the challenge and coached us through and over the hurdles every step of the way.  Succeeding at the Warrior Dash is proof that 'fit' truly comes in all ages, sizes and body shapes." 

Members of the Domtar Fitness Centre, class members of Ball and Bosu & Spin, as well as members of Elite Training all rose to the Warrior challenge.

Espanola Mayor and Council congratulate all the active warriors who competed in the event. "These participants are role models and ambassadors for active living and a healthy community," says Mayor Lehoux. "Espanola is proud to be so well represented at these types of Provincial events."

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