Non-Residence Fees

Non Residence Fees help to equalize user costs

Increasing challenges to cope with escalating operational costs and maintain taxes has prompted the Town of Espanola to broaden its current scope of non residence fees.  Previously, non residence fees have applied to library & cemetery services, landfill and summer parks.

As of January 1st, 2013 the Town of Espanola will apply a 10% non residence fee to Leisure Services programs and facility & field rentals.

Mayor Lehoux explains, "Non residence fees help to equalize user costs. These fees are traditionally paid by non residents in lieu of property taxes. Rising costs of heat, hydro, and infrastructure maintenance are forcing municipalities to think differently about service delivery. Our objective is to maintain the high level of service, value and variety the Town of Espanola offers to both our tax payers and regional neighbours."

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