Purchase of 8 Industrial Lots Final

May 25, 2012/Espanola,ON

HELIOS Developments' Purchase of 8 Industrial Lots Final

The Town of Espanola is pleased to announce the sale of 8 industrial lots in the Light Industrial Park on Panache Lake Road to Helios Developments; a Residential, Commercial and Industrial Building Developer.

Helios was founded by 2 local area entrepreneurs, Jeff Scharf and Trevor Tario.  Jeff Scharf is a Northern Ontario business owner of, Roofing Done Right.  After leaving an Industrial Electrician position at Vale in 2009, Trevor Tario expanded his own business, Green Power Solutions Inc.  In late 2011, the two business men started planning and the conception of Helios Developments began.

The construction of Helios Developments' 15,000 sq ft Head Office in Espanola, ON will include a large solar array, one of the largest in Northern Ontario. This will allow the office to operate with a Carbon Neutral Footprint. Helios Developments believes that any business can be both profitable as well as environmentally responsible and will showcase this in Espanola, with the belief that other local area businesses will follow suit.

Helios Developments will develop large scale solar arrays for Local Municipalities, Aboriginal Groups and for-profit businesses in Northern Ontario. "We determine how we can add value to the project by adding solar packages to land or roof tops. Our team has a unique and comprehensive research program that allows us to locate property that has great solar investment opportunities." Helios Developments will develop large scale solar farms that will not only offset the customer's carbon footprint but will provide enough Electricity to the Provincial Grid to eliminate older Coal-fired Power Generating Facilities. Helios will operate a micro-FIT division to allow local area home owners the opportunity to take part in the governments FIT (Feed-in Tariff) program as well. Smaller residential rooftop solar arrays and ground mounted solar tracking arrays can be a great investment for a home owner as well as allow them to contribute to our goal to reduce GHG emissions.

This sale was made possible through the financial commitment of FedNor and NOHFC and the professional support of LAMBAC. In the Summer of 2011 FedNor and NOHFC announced their support for the expansion of Phase II of the Town of Espanola’s Light Industrial Park; a financial contribution of approximately $896,000. In November of 2011, LAMBAC contracted with the Town of Espanola providing business development services and support for the local business community. Bill Clarke, Business Development Officer with LAMBAC was instrumental in bringing this deal to the table. "Council appreciates the support of these organizations, They have been strong supporters of our ongoing efforts to diversify and expand our business community," said Mayor Mike Lehoux.

For more information please contact:
Cynthia Townsend
Clerk Treasurer/Administrator
Town of Espanola
100 Tudhope Street, Suite 2
Espanola, ON P5E 1S6
Tel: (705) 869-1540
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