New LED sign

April 18, 2012

Sign of the Times

A new LED sign was erected to replace the original marquee which marks the location of the Espanola Regional Recreation Complex and Regional Public Library.

"Unlike the outdated marquee, the new LED sign will be operational throughout the year," says Dianne Polden, Manager of Leisure Services, "the LED signage is a necessary marketing tool to promote on-site community events and announce notifications. With so many programs and special events offered at the Recreation Complex and Library we needed an effective and easy to manage means to promote."

The new LED sign was made possible with Council's support and a generous donation from Lambac's Local Initiative Program. "The project fit our mandate to promote regional economic and community development," says Mary Nelder, Manager of Lambac. "The signage will support recreational programs offered by both the municipality and by community volunteers. The promotion and marketing of programs and events which enhance quality of life build community engagement and pride."


Names in Photo: Left to right
Colin Wilson, Economic Development Officer
Shelley Pelletier, Board Member, LAMBAC
Bill Clarke, Business Development Officer, LAMBAC
Dianne Polden, Manager of Leisure Services
Tim Howard, Councillor

Cheryl Kennelly
Program Manager
Espanola Leisure Services
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