Industrial Park Development

May 25, 2011/Espanola, Ontario
Industrial Park Development Put On Hold

Council for the Town of Espanola has received an official confirmation that due to funding limitations the Kilganan Group Ltd. has withdrawn their proposal to purchase land in the Industrial Park.  The Kilganan Group with support from the Town had applied for funding from the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund (NOHFC) under their mandate for promoting local economic development initiatives. The funding application was denied and as a result this very viable economic initiative was not feasible within the current time frame, culture, or the NOHFC targeted market.

“It is very disappointing the Kilganan Group Ltd. was unable to secure funds for this development.  However, Council has been advised that their 2 residential projects in Espanola are still underway and will proceed,” says Mayor Lehoux.  “The Kilganan Group Ltd. continues to pursue industrial funding opportunities and we hope to secure a deal in the future.  For now, the Town of Espanola will continue to market and pursue all opportunities for development in our Industrial Park.”

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