Gardening During COVID

Community Press Release

April 27, 2020

Espanola Gardeners Champion Home Vegetable Gardening During COVID

At this time of year, the Espanola Gardeners would normally be planning for their Annual Plant Sale in May, but this is no ordinary year. The Annual Plant Sale was an opportunity for the Espanola Gardeners to connect with the community, share their gardening tips and encouragement and fundraise to support beautification initiatives.

“Although you won’t see us at the Plant Sale this year, we’re still here to help and encourage,” says President Grant Lewis, “home gardening is an ideal activity to ensure social distancing, provide a positive mental focus and it is also an excellent teaching opportunity to engage young learners.”

Starting this Friday and every other, the Espanola Gardeners will be sharing gardening tips and encouragement through the Town Facebook page and on this webpage. This spring the Gardeners will direct their focus on planting home vegetable gardens.

“Fresh veggies are good for our immune systems,” says Grant Lewis, in addition, imagine having a surplus of community grown vegetables to share with the Espanola Helping Hand Food Bank and with seniors or families who don’t have yards or patios to grow their own. Home veggie gardens could be a way to feed and connect the community.”

For information contact:
Grant Lewis/President 705-869-5798
Ruth Steedman/Community Garden Coordinator 705-869-4937
Sheila Pop/ Member 705-285-4364

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