Recent Fires

Espanola, Ontario
August 4, 2017

From the Office of the Fire Chief,

I take this opportunity to provide comment on the numerous fires which have recently occurred in our community and dispel any concerns that they were the result of an arsonist in the community.

Although unusual for our department to respond to this many fires in such a short period of time I assure the community that the fires have been investigated and that our department is confident there is no one common cause.

The unfortunate fires are the result of a range of causes to include, the application of a highly flammable substance, electrical issues and vandalism. The majority of the incidents have been closed and only two are subject to further investigation.

We sincerely hope this rash of fires is over with and assure you the Espanola Fire Department remains prepared to serve our community.

We wish you a safe and fire free summer!

Reminder to practice fire safety!
- protect yourself by having working smoke alarms on each floor of your home
- have and practice an escape plan for your family and pets
- report any suspicious activity in your neighborhood to the police
- check your home and property for fire hazards ie. extension cords being used as permanent wiring or flammable liquids
- check your smoke & C02 alarms
- get a fire permit for outdoor fires
- call the fire department if you require any assistance in assessing the safety of your home

Mike Pichor
Fire Chief/CEMC
Espanola Fire Department