Carver Kings Create a Heritage Bench

Espanola, Ontario
October 20, 2016

Carver Kings Create a Heritage Bench

Headliners for the Espanola Pumpkin & Fibre Arts Festival, Paul & Jacob Frenette & Doug Lingelbach of the HGTV show Carver Kings, created a heritage bench to memorialize this year’s festival.

The left bench pillar pays tribute to the Ojibway Indians who were reputed to have brought back a Spanish woman after their journey South to the United States.  French explorers were surprised to learn that some of the Ojibway spoke Spanish and thus named the village “Espagnole”. The spirit of the forest is the right hand pillar which supports a bench with a detailed engraving of the mill and Spanish River.

"The bench is astounding," says Mayor Ron Piche, "not only did we get three days of entertainment value from the Carver Kings, we have a showpiece for the community, something we can all be proud of and enjoy and something that visitors will want to see!"

"With wood being the primary fibre source in Espanola and Northern Ontario, inviting the Carver Kings was considered a good fit for the festival," says Mayor Piche, "they helped increase our audience size and attract more visitors to our community."

The bench has a temporary home in the Recreation Complex lobby over the winter until a safe but visible outdoor location will be chosen for the spring.


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