Pte. David Byers Drive

The Town of Espanola officially opened Pte. David Byers Drive on December 1st at 9:30 am during a dedication ceremony. This new access road to the Light Industrial Park is located between McCulloch Dr. and Penage Lake Rd.

Non-Residence Fees

Non Residence Fees help to equalize user costs

Increasing challenges to cope with escalating operational costs and maintain taxes has prompted the Town of Espanola to broaden its current scope of non residence fees.  Previously, non residence fees have applied to library & cemetery services, landfill and summer parks.

1st Annual Pumpkin Power Celebration

October 20, 2012

540 Pound Pumpkin Weighs In at 1st Annual Pumpkin Power Celebration

The winning pumpkin at Espanola's 1st Annual Pumpkin Power Celebration tipped the scales at 540 pounds. The pumpkin was grown by Ron Lewis of Whitefish from an Atlantic Giant seed and entered by Sean and Savannah Gallagher of Espanola.

Purchase of 8 Industrial Lots Final

May 25, 2012/Espanola,ON

HELIOS Developments' Purchase of 8 Industrial Lots Final

The Town of Espanola is pleased to announce the sale of 8 industrial lots in the Light Industrial Park on Panache Lake Road to Helios Developments; a Residential, Commercial and Industrial Building Developer.

Helios was founded by 2 local area entrepreneurs, Jeff Scharf and Trevor Tario.  Jeff Scharf is a Northern Ontario business owner of, Roofing Done Right.  After leaving an Industrial Electrician position at Vale in 2009, Trevor Tario expanded his own business, Green Power Solutions Inc.  In late 2011, the two business men started planning and the conception of Helios Developments began.

New LED sign

April 18, 2012

Sign of the Times

A new LED sign was erected to replace the original marquee which marks the location of the Espanola Regional Recreation Complex and Regional Public Library.

Fat 2 Fit Targets Under Serviced Sector

Monday April 2, 2012

The Espanola Regional Recreation Complex will launch a new program this spring designed specifically for full figured men and women who've never felt they’ve belonged in a fitness class or gym environment.

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