Espanola Strategic Plan 2013

June 14, 2013

Espanola Strategic Plan 2013: A safe, healthy community in which to live, work and thrive.

On May 28, 2013, the Council of the Corporation of the Town of Espanola formally adopted the Strategic Plan 2013.

Based upon a community consultation process with residents, businesses, community and regional partners, the Strategic Plan consists of a number of initiatives or action items grouped into four priorities; environmental, economic and social sustainability and excellence in governance.  Action in these four areas will enable the Town to realize its vision for the future. 

Regarding Community Economic Development...

May 27, 2013/Espanola, ON

Mayor and Council are pleased to announce that Cheryl Kennelly will assume added responsibilities in key areas of Community Economic Development for the Town of Espanola.  Cheryl’s current role of Program Manager of Leisure Services will be expanded to include identified economic development priority functions and projects.

Message from the Clerk Treasurer/Administrator

I am often asked why the Town does not respond to the many items being written on various forms of social media, letters to the editor, etc. The answer is simply that Administration does not feel that this would be a wise use of taxpayers’ funds.

Administration will always respond to requests received directly by our office, but to go seeking misinformation in an attempt to correct it would be endless. Much of what is written is based on individual opinions and everyone is entitled to have their opinion. That being said, I do wish to share some information so some of those opinions might be slightly more informed.

Message from the Mayor - April 26

April 26, 2013

Dear Residents,

The 3rd Draft of the 2013 Budget is currently being prepared. This revision will reflect reductions, cuts and restructuring initiatives made by Council to date.

I acknowledge, cuts to the budget are tough and often unpopular but they are strategic decisions to protect the long term vision of community economic retention and growth.

Flood Warning Update

April 25, 2013. Updated May 3rd

Flood Watch Continues

The Spanish River Flow is now expected to peak on May 7th. 
Flows at Espanola are increasing rapidly, as is the level below the dam. 
Levels and flows continue to build on the Vermillion and sensitive areas are being monitored.

Areas at high risk of localized flooding & road closure include:

Dedication of Volunteers Recognized

Espanola, Ontario
April 24, 2013

Espanola’s Reliance on Volunteerism to Increase

As the country celebrates the role of community volunteerism during National Volunteer Week the Town of Espanola is giving much thought to the celebration of volunteers as well as its need to grow the volunteer sector.

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