5-Year Official Plan Review

The Town of Espanola is in the process of updating it's Official Plan.

The purpose of the review is to:

  • Gather public input regarding the future development of the Town.
  • Amend the Plan to conform to Provincial land use planning policies.

Official Plan Review Kick Off Meeting Presentation (pdf)

Town of Espanola Official Plan

Official Plan 5-Year Review Comment Sheet (pdf)

Information Provided at Open House October 19, 2016

Summary of Proposed Changes to date (pdf) as recommended by Ministries with interest in Land Use Planning

Proposed Changes to date to Official Plan presented at Open House October 19, 2016 (pdf)

Final Public Hearing for Official Plan 5-Year Review

Public Hearing November 14, 2017 (pdf)

Official Plan as Adopted November 14, 2017 (pdf)

Community Improvement Plan

Council adopted the Community Improvement Plan (CIP) on April 8th. 

The CIP is a planning tool that establishes a framework for achieving community improvements to rehabilitate and revitalize project areas. The Community Improvement Plan (CIP) will allow for municipal incentives to stimulate private sector investment to develop & revive the downtown commercial core and highway six corridor. The Plan will also serve to encourage multiple residential development to create more affordable and senior housing options.

The CIP includes incentives to stimulate private and public sector investments and sets out design guidelines for public and private sector improvements.

Applications are reviewed on a first come first serve basis.  Applications will be accepted until the budget for the year is exhausted and then reactivated again the next budget year.

Community Improvement / Revitalization Plan (pdf) without Appendices
Appendix A - Community Improvement Project Areas (pdf)
Appendix B - Official Plan Detailed Policies (pdf)
Appendix C - Community Consultation Sessions (pdf)

The Municipality is committed to providing individual accommodation to its customers where appropriate by creating its own alternate formats of printed materials.  Upon request, alternate formats shall be provided in a manner in which is to be agreed upon by the requester and the Municipality.

Community Improvement Plan Participant Survey

CIP message

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

The following is a synopsis of the available incentives.

Community Improvement Incentive Application (pdf)

Program Amount
Façade Improvement Grant Program Up to maximum of 50% of eligible costs
up to a maximum grant of $4,000
Signage Improvement Grant Program Up to a maximum of 50% of eligible costs
up to a maximum grant of $2,000
Accessibility Improvement Grant Program Up to a maximum of 50% of eligible costs
up to a maximum grant of $5,000
Parking Area and Landscaping Improvement Grant Program Up to a maximum of 50% of eligible costs
up to a maximum grant of $4,000
Architectural / Engineering Design Grant Program Up to a maximum of 50% of eligible costs
up to a maximum grant of $1,000
Municipal Application/Permit Fees Rebate Building Permit Fees: up to 50% reduction in building permit fees; up to a maximum of $2,500
Signage Permit Fees, Demolition Permit Fees: up to 100% reduction in permit fees; up to a maximum of $500 for each type of permit
Landfill Fees: up to 50% rebate of landfill fees; up to a maximum of $500
Tax Increment Grant Program

For properties within the Downtown Core or Highway 6 Project Area:  

100% rebate in year 1  
80% rebate in year 2  
60% rebate in year 3  
40% rebate in year 4  
20% rebate in year 5

For Multi-residential, seniors housing, or affordable housing projects on properties within the Residential Project Area:

100% rebate in years 1-3  
50% rebate in years 4-6  
25% rebate in years 7-9

Total amount per Property $5,000 per property (excluding tax increment grant)

Funding Opportunities

For a complete directory of grants and assistance programs for small businesses click here

LaCloche Manitoulin Business Assistance Corporation (LAMBAC)


Standard Business Loan Program
LAMBAC now offers small business loans of up to $150,000 to an existing small business owner wanting to expand his/her business or an entrepreneur wanting to start a business in the LaCloche-Manitoulin region, but in either case are unable to secure funding from traditional sources.

Larger Business Loan Program
Special loans are available to larger businesses to a maximum of $500,000 through the North Eastern Ontario Investment Pool network. LAMBAC, as a member of this network, can process your loan application.

Micro Loan Program
Micro loans to a maximum of $5,000 repayable over 36 months are available to any business, large or small.



Northern Ontario Development Program
The Northern Ontario Development Program invests in projects that seek to nourish economic development, business growth and competitiveness, and innovation to strengthen Northern communities. FedNor will provide financial support to viable projects which are led by businesses, municipalities, First Nations, and youth internships.

Youth Internship – Not-For-Profit Fund
This initiative is designed to provide recent college and university graduates with education-related work experience in not-for-profit organizations that carry out community economic development activities and/or provide support services, information and skills training to entrepreneurs and small businesses across Northern Ontario. The person must have graduated within 3 years and be under the age of 30. FedNor will contribute 90% of the requested amount up to $27,500.

Youth Internship – Private Sector Program
This initiative is designed to provide recent college and university graduates with education-related work experience within small businesses that are conducting incremental, project-based activity in the areas of innovation connectedness and trade across Northern Ontario. The person must have graduated within 3 years and be under the age of 30. FedNor will contribute 50% of the requested amount up to $27,500.

Community Futures Program
This program is designed to support 24 Community Futures Development Corporations (CFDCs) in Northern Ontario. CFDCs offer a wide variety of programs and services supporting community economic development and small business growth.

Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation (NOHFC)


Northern Ontario Entrepreneur Program
Residents of Northern Ontario who plan to start their own business may be eligible for a grant up to $125,000 for leasehold improvements, capital costs and marketing costs. The entrepreneur is responsible for a 10% contribution of the required costs along with providing a business plan.

Enterprises North Job Creation Program
New and existing enterprises that will create jobs in Northern Ontario can be eligible for a maximum project funding that will generally not exceed 50% of eligible costs up to $1 million. Up to one half of the NOHFC funding may be in the form of a conditional grant with the remainder in the form of a repayable loan.

Private Sector Emerging Technology Grant
NOHFC may provide private sector companies with 50% of eligible costs in the following formats: non-repayable contributions of up to $100,000; repayable loans of up to $1 million or 50% of eligible project costs (whichever is less); or up to one half of the funding in the form of a conditional grant with the remainder in the form of a repayable loan.

Public Sector Emerging Technology Grant
NOHFC may provide public sector companies with a conditional grant, repayable loan or forgivable performance loan of generally up to 50 percent of eligible costs, normally not exceeding $1 million per project.

Northern Ontario Young Entrepreneur Program
Residents of Northern Ontario, 18 to 29 years old, who are planning to start their own for-profit business in the North may receive a grant of up to 85 per cent of eligible costs, to a maximum of $25,000 per project for capital costs. A cash investment of 10% of the NOHFC’s contribution is required. The venture must operate on a full-time basis and it cannot be an expansion or natural extension of a business.

Infrastructure and Community Development Program
This program encourages partnerships that find effective ways to create jobs and improve economic prospects in the North through improvements to infrastructure.

Northern Energy Program
The NOHFC’s Northern Energy Program enables northern businesses and non-profit organizations to manage and reduce the costs of energy generation and conservation. The program has two distinct elements: Renewable Energy Planning and Internal Energy Generation projects.

Ontario Arts Council


This is an agency of the Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport. OAC's provides grants and services to professional, Ontario-based artists and arts organizations which support arts education, Aboriginal arts, community arts, crafts, dance, Franco-Ontarian arts, literature, media arts, multidisciplinary arts, music, theatre, touring, and visual arts. In 2010-2011, the Ontario Arts Council provided 52.3 million dollars to 1,720 individual artists and 1,057 organizations in 223 communities across Ontario. 

Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport


The Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport provides funding and operating grants to cultural groups and other members of creative industries. These include public libraries, community museums, heritage organizations and historical societies, tourism associations, economic development corporations, municipalities, festivals and events.

Ontario Trillium Foundation


One of the largest grantmakers in Canada, Ontario Trillium Foundation is unique for its deployment of 330 volunteers to review and analyze more than 3,000 grant applications each year. To make great grants that help create vibrant and healthy communities, program staff rely on our volunteers to bring their knowledge of local community needs and sectoral expertise to the grant review process.

OTF awards approximately 1,500 grants each year to community-based not-for-profits and charitable organizations in the arts, recreation, environment and human and social services sectors. An agency of the Ontario government with a $120 million annual budget, OTF is always looking for ways to be a more effective grantmaker as well as a thought leader.


Community Futures Development Corporations in Ontario


Small Business Internship Program
This Internship Program provides small to medium-sized enterprises the financial support to hire a post secondary student intern. The intern will assist with the adoption of e-business strategies to increase productivity and competitiveness.

Land Use Planning

The Clerk's Office provide direction and recommendations to Council and the Committee of Adjustment in all matters related to land use planning within the Town of Espanola, in compliance with Provincial and Municipal legislation. The department carries out the following duties:

• Administration of Official Plan and Zoning Bylaw

• Review, process and provide recommendations on land use, subdivision development and zoning applications.

• Ensure public awareness of application proposals, as required by Provincial regulations.

• Provide advise and information to Council, as well as other departments, community and business groups and citizens of the municipality respecting planning matters.

Applicable Bylaws and Applications are available for download below.  Contact the Clerk's Office for further information on the required processes and assistance with completing the applications.  Complete hard copies of the Official Plan and Zoning Bylaw are available for a fee.  

Town of Espanola Zoning Bylaw (pdf)
Urban Map (pdf)
Rural Map (pdf)

Citizen Guide to Planning in Northern Ontario (pdf)

Guide to the Zoning Bylaw Amendment Application Process (pdf)
Guide to the Official Plan Amendment Process (pdf)

Town of Espanola Official Plan (pdf)
OP Schedule A1 (pdf)
OP Schedule A2 (pdf)
OP Schedule B1 (pdf)
OP Schedule B2 (pdf)

Official Plan and Zoning Amendments

2341 449 Mead (pdf)
2383 2244A Lee Valley (pdf)
2391 407 Centre St. (pdf)
2398 Portable Garages (pdf)
2400 439-443 Second Ave. (pdf) 
2404 60 McCulloch (pdf)
2455 FCR (pdf)
2542 Albert St (pdf)
2543 Remove Holding Zone (pdf)
2564 Queensway Ave / 693 Mead Blvd (pdf)
2610 Hopkins Hill Road (pdf)
2645 Adelaide St (pdf)
2650 Yocom Dr (pdf)
2665 417 Centre Street (pdf)
2678 417 Centre Street (pdf)
2707 Second Ave Lot 80, 81, 91, 92 (pdf)
2731 429 Mead Blvd (pdf)
2735 49 Giroux Dr (pdf)
2797 2233 Lee Valley Rd (pdf)
2798 516 Centre St (pdf)
2804 585 Old Webbwood Rd (pdf)
2831 Queensway Development (pdf)
Planning Applications:

Minor Variance (pdf)
Consent Application (pdf)
Zoning Bylaw Amendment Application (pdf)
Official Plan Amendment Application (pdf)

Town of Espanola Planning Services Policy (pdf)
Cost Acknowledgement Agreement for Owner (pdf)
Cost Acknowledgement Agreement for Developer (pdf)

Town of Espanola
100 Tudhope Street, Suite 2
Espanola, ON P5E 1S6
PH (705) 869-1540 x2113
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Why Espanola?

Experience the comfort, convenience and affordability of our friendly spirited community.  We are a regional hub offering full service benefits in a caring and safe community setting.

Espanola is ideal for commuters working in neighbouring cities such as Sudbury, Blind River and Elliot Lake.  Leave work for the pleasures, relaxation and activities of retirement in Espanola.

Espanola...an active, engaged community focused on health, leisure and accessibility.



Economic Development

Espanola is committed to social, cultural and economic diversification.

In pursuit of diversification, the Town of Espanola is focusing on 4 key strategies:

  1. Strengthening our position as a Regional Service Hub:
    To expand and promote those regional services that are in demand by all areas residents and businesses, ensuring Espanola remains the community of choice for residents and business alike.
  2. Supporting the Local Business Community:
    To ensure Espanola becomes a community where a diverse range of businesses and industries exist and choose to locate, expand and invest in other business opportunities.
  3. Expansion and Enhancement of Quality of Place:
    To enhance Espanola in order to become that unique sought after place that brings together all the best qualities of the built and natural environments.
  4. Providing Leadership in Regional Collaboration & Outreach:
    For Espanola to be looked upon as the model community where success is based on cooperation, partnerships and openness.

Economic Strategy (pdf)

View Northern Policy Institute's Espanola Profile

Research paper and Economic Impact Calculator to see what effects the investment in a certain sector will have as an impact to their district through income and employment multipliers.

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