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Espanola Gardeners Champion Home Vegetable Gardening During COVID

Starting this Friday and every other, the Espanola Gardeners will be sharing gardening tips (on this webpage)

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Tip 1:

Espanola Gardeners share this easy, accessible reference to get us sowing & growing!Thank you Espanola Gardeners & the Compost Council of Canada  


Tip 2:

Gardening 101: How to Use Coffee Grounds in the Garden - Gardenista

"Because of our current COVID-19 quarantining, I’ve upped my daily coffee intake so much now that mounds of grounds stare at me in the kitchen. This got me thinking: What else can I do with this brown stuff other than tossing it a trash can that gets picked up every week? Turns out, coffee grounds can help build the soil in the garden."

Read in Gardenista: 


Tip 3:

Planning your first edible garden? Here are the steps to follow and common mistakes to avoid
Experts offer tips on sun exposure, companion planting, raised beds and more.

Read in CBC Life:​ 


Tip 4:

Espanola Gardeners' June Newsletter


Tip 5: 

Complete Guide to Companion Gardening


Tip 6:

Pinch off the bottom suckers on the tomato plant to help direct the plant's energy and nutrients to produce the fruit rather than growing the foliage.


Tip 7:

Thin out your radish patch to make room for hearty growth!

Don’t waste the radish tops – tender tops can be added to salads for great radish flavour. Older tops can be pan-fried, steamed or added to soups. Radish tops are great in pan-fried savoury potatoes and lentil soups. These quick growers can be replanted for more yields throughout the summer.

Enjoy your radishes and gardens!



Tip 8:

The Gardening Tip this week from the Espanola Gardeners is to read their July newsletter! Happy gardening!

Tip 9:

When the heat of summer is upon us, as is currently the case, be grateful for these are wonderful growing conditions for all garden produce as well as your can almost hear the plants growing now!  

Weeding is necessary to reduce competition and don't forget to water your plants.  These activities should be done early in the morning to reduce stress on the plants as well as the gardener. 


Tip 10:

Pinch off the seed tops/flowers on the basil plants to generate more leaf growth.  Randomly, pinch off developed basil leaves for immediate consumption while fresh and fragrant as this also encourages more growth.  Use basil the same day as it is very fragile.  Plan a physically distanced pesto party! 


Tip 11:

Read the August Dig It newsletter from Espanola Gardeners. Learn about the food for the community initiative and get fall planting ideas.