5-Year Official Plan Review

The Town of Espanola is in the process of updating it's Official Plan.

The purpose of the review is to:

  • Gather public input regarding the future development of the Town.
  • Amend the Plan to conform to Provincial land use planning policies.

Official Plan Review Kick Off Meeting Presentation (pdf)

Town of Espanola Official Plan

Official Plan 5-Year Review Comment Sheet (pdf)

Information Provided at Open House October 19, 2016

Summary of Proposed Changes to date (pdf) as recommended by Ministries with interest in Land Use Planning

Proposed Changes to date to Official Plan presented at Open House October 19, 2016 (pdf)

Final Public Hearing for Official Plan 5-Year Review

Public Hearing November 14, 2017 (pdf)

Official Plan as Adopted November 14, 2017 (pdf)