Economic Development

Espanola is committed to social, cultural and economic diversification.

In pursuit of diversification, the Town of Espanola is focusing on 4 key strategies:

  1. Strengthening our position as a Regional Service Hub:
    To expand and promote those regional services that are in demand by all areas residents and businesses, ensuring Espanola remains the community of choice for residents and business alike.
  2. Supporting the Local Business Community:
    To ensure Espanola becomes a community where a diverse range of businesses and industries exist and choose to locate, expand and invest in other business opportunities.
  3. Expansion and Enhancement of Quality of Place:
    To enhance Espanola in order to become that unique sought after place that brings together all the best qualities of the built and natural environments.
  4. Providing Leadership in Regional Collaboration & Outreach:
    For Espanola to be looked upon as the model community where success is based on cooperation, partnerships and openness.

Economic Strategy (pdf)

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