Building Services

The Espanola Building Services Department implements and employs the Ontario Building Code to minimize the risk of the public's harm with respect to the use and construction of structures.  Building Services enforces the requirements of the Ontario Building Code in order to ensure protection from tragedy caused by fire, structural collapse and general deterioration of structures, such as homes, schools, offices, stores and warehouses.  When the elements of the Ontario Building Code are applied, potential hazards to building occupants are reduced.

Download the Town of Espanola Building Bylaw and various permits below.

Building Bylaw (pdf)
Application for Permit to Construct or Demolish (pdf)  
Sign Bylaw (pdf) 
Deck Package (pdf)
Garage Package (pdf)
Guard Package (pdf)
Commercial Package (pdf)

For more information contact:

Building Services
Town of Espanola
100 Tudhope St, Ste 2
Espanola, ON P5E 1S6
PH (705) 869-1540
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