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Fall 2016 Swimming Lesson Schedule (pdf)
Online Registration begins September 26, in-person and calls
will be accepted October 3 - 9, 2016

Lifeguarding and Instructing...IS IT FOR YOU? (pdf)


Pool schedule is subject to change without notice

We are doing everything we can to recruit and work with the availability of our guards and instructors in order to offer fall swimming lessons within our reduced schedule of pool programming. Follow us on Facebook for an updated announcement.

Pool Schedules

Pool Schedule Effective October 3rd - December 23rd, 2016 (pdf)
Fall Fitness Classes in the Pool (pdf)

  Monday Tues/Thurs Wednesday Friday Saturday Sunday
Fit Lanes
**2 lanes open
***3 lanes open

12-12:55pm**  1-2:55pm**
Parents & Tots 9-9:55am
Leisure Swim 10-10:55am  10-10:55am+
Recreational Swim 6-7:55pm
Slide Open 7-7:30pm
Deep end closed 7-7:45pm
6-7:55pm  12-12:55pm  1-2:55pm
Lion's Club Free
Recreational Swim
Aqua Fit & Diaper Fit 9-9:55am  10-10:55am 9-9:55am  
Shallow Water
H20 Bootcamp 7-7:55pm          
Paddle Board Yoga           7-8pm & 8-9pm
(Oct 16-Dec 4)

** 2 Lanes Open
*** 3 Lanes Open
+ Shared with School

Schedule / Program subject to change...give us a shout before you come out! (705) 869-1961

>>If we experience an unexpected increase of patrons into a swim, the use of the slide may not be guaranteed<<

Aqua Spin Bikes are available for use during all swims except Recreational Swims! Please ask a lifeguard to put a bike in the water for you!

Aquatic Wheelchair & Walker available

Recreational Swim:

We've combined our Family and Public Swims! Use of the diving and slide available unless otherwise indicated!
Unaccompanied Children MUST be 10 years of age and/or able to pass the facility swim test

Leisure Swim: Come Swim laps in our 3 lanes, Steam in our sauna and Soak in our swirl pool or designated leisure area in our lap pool!
Slide and diving board NOT available during Leisure Swims

*Hydro Spin Bikes are available for use during all swims except Recreational Swims!
Please ask a lifeguard to put a bike in the water for you!

Shallow Water Therapy

Tues & Thurs 11:00-11:55am ongoing
Drop in for a range of motion exercise class ideal for those with arthritis, or
those who are in need of a rehabilitation program. Low impact, mindful stretching
and gentle strengthening (purchase an aqua fit pass)


A challenging deep-water workout with little to no impact on your joints. Begin each
class with a 5 minute warm-up, followed by 35 minutes of intense cardio and 5 minutes
of stretching. Relax in our swirl pool or push yourself further with laps for 15 minutes/
Mon & Fri 9:00-9:55am / Tues & Thurs 10:00-10:55am
Aquafit Senior (10 passes with a 4 month expiry) $55.87
Aquafit and Diaperfit Adult (10 passes with a 4 month expiry) $59.04 Aquafit drop-in $9.04

Diaper Fit

Attention new parents! An ongoing class and fitness splash for parents or caregivers with
babies from 6 months to 2 years old. Babies float and play in a safety approved baby seat
while caregivers exercise. A social time for babies and a workout time for caregivers.
Mon & Fri 9:00-9:55am / Tues & Thurs 10:00-10:55am

H2O Bootcamp

It's back! Challenge yourself to a high intensity workout with little to no impact on your
joints to increase endurance and build strength.
Mon 7:00-7:55pm


Yoga & Stand Up Paddle Boarding are combined to enhance your workout by strengthening balance
and flexibility.  Engage stabilizer muscles to achieve whole-body fitness, improved concentration
and agility.  Work to your own fitness level and ability.  Swimwear or light active wear over
swimwear recommended for comfort.

Registration opens Oct 3rd
Limited Paddle boards/Pre-registration required/must be 16 years or older
Sundays Oct 16th - Dec 4th 7:00-8:00pm & 8:00-9:00pm

Cancellation NOTICES
If you drive a distance for pool programs be sure to phone in to confirm the class or swim!  Pool foulings, mechanical break downs or inclement weather can result in pool program cancellations.

Public Swim Children MUST be 10 years of age and able to swim

Family Swim Children MUST be accompanied INTO the pool by an adult

Members Only Extended swim times for those with active pool memberships

Swimming Lessons

Whether you're a parent wishing to enroll your child in swimming lessons, a teen wishing to become an instructor or lifeguard, or an adult looking to improve your own swimming skills, the Espanola Regional Recreation Complex has the program for you. We offer quality programs through the Red Cross and The Lifesaving Society to meet all of your needs. For more information about programs see options below.

Determine your Child's Lesson Placement

Red Cross Preschool Levels-Under 6 Yrs Old (pdf)
Red Cross Transferring from Pre-School Levels-Over 6 Yrs Old (pdf)
Red Cross Levels - Over 6 Yrs Old (pdf)

2016 Swimming Pool Drop-In and Passes

(prices include HST)
Child 5.09     Aquafit Senior (10 Passes) 55.37
Senior (55+) 5.37     Aquafit Adult (10 passes) 59.33
Youth (13 -18 yrs) 5.37     Pool Pass Child (10 passes) 35.88
Adult 5.65     Pool Pass Senior (10 passes) 35.88
Aquafit Drop-in 9.04     Pool Pass Youth (10 passes) 35.88
Diaper Fit Drop-in 9.04     Pool Pass Adult (10 passes) 42.38
Pool & Fitness Drop-in 12.43        
Family 11.02        
The Town of Espanola applies an additional 10% non-residence fee for all memberships, swim lessons, pool, ice
field rentals, room rentals, aqua & fitness programs.

Sponsored by Shelley Newton Memorial Fund

October 28th 11am-12pm
November 25th 11am -12pm
February 3rd 11am-12pm
April 28th 11am-12pm